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Gary Lineker’s brother has mocked the Match of the Day star in a brutal Instagram post asking “Where’s Lineker’s house?”. Wayne Lineker is the younger brother of football legend Gary Lineker, known for owning Ibiza’s famous club, O Beach Ibiza.

He has also owned various other nightlife venues, as he first started off his nightlife empire in 1988 with his own brand of sports bars called Lineker’s Bar.

On Thursday, the entrepreneur posted a cryptic Instragram post for his brother and captioned it as “I’m gonna go with ‘no comment’ on this one guys.”

Social media users found humour in the brutal post.

One of the users lee_heritagecars commented: “Best post of the day.”

Another user, mellohayles, commented: “This post has won today.”

However, some even criticised the club owner for the post.

A user, bruciem26, commented: “Get over him, Wayne, need to let it go. Someone’s always going to be more successful than you, the fact it’s your brother will eat you up inside.”

The post came as Gary Lineker challenged the BBC by publicly stating that he will appear on Match Of The Day as usual this Saturday, despite the ongoing row over his social media use.

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The presenter suggested that the anger over his anti-Government tweets – in which he compared the language used to launch Number 10’s immigration policy to that of Nazi Germany – was a storm in a teacup, and that he could now put it behind him.

Lineker and his agent, Jon Holmes, held talks with BBC management but it is understood that no agreement was reached on a way forward, reported The Telegraph.

Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker and his younger brother, Wayne Lineker have had an ongoing rift for years.

The rift allegedly started over 10 years ago, and according to Wayne Lineker, there have been points in time where the brothers have reconciled their communication.

However, equally, there have been times when they have lost touch again.

Gary and Wayne Lineker are just two years apart in age, with Gary being born first on November 30, 1960 (61 years old) and Wayne on April 25, 1962 (60 years old).


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