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A psychic has been lambasted for claiming he has been contacted to find Nicola Bulley – and will be able to do so by looking into her eyes. The spiritual medium, who said he has a “100 percent” success rate, has been described as “sickening” by fellow psychics.

Three weeks after her disappearance while walking her dog along the River Wyre, mum-of-two Nicola Bulley has still not been found by police, whose “main hypothesis” has consistently remained that she fell into the icy water.

Nicola’s family, as well as police and missings persons experts, have pleaded with armchair detectives to stop involving themselves in the case as rampant speculation and public interference dominates the investigation.

Helius Andreas, a medium from Portsmouth, told LancsLive of the bizarre claim by his fellow psychic, made in a Facebook post appearing to advertise his services. 

Mr Andreas described the use of Nicola’s case as “wrong” and insensitive to the family – who today said “every day is a struggle” as they desperately await information about their missing Nikki.

The post, which has since been taken down, was reportedly uploaded in a private group created by Kevin Hooper, who claims to have a “spiritual gift” with which he will “help the Police and the family.” He claimed to have been “contacted” for his services.

The post claimed: “I have been contacted to help find Nicola Bulley. I have done 100’s of readings for people worldwide in the last three years by reading from their photo image sent to me on messenger.

“My success rate has been 100 percent for all people I have done readings for. This is called a Psychometry reading and also an eye to eye gazing reading by looking into the eyes of the person I’m reading, the eyes are the window to the soul.”

He went on to say: “Let’s see what I get from Nicola’s photo image”, saying he knew he “will get messages” from doing so.

Mr Hooper did admit that the police would likely not take his work seriously, but pledged to “overcome this when it happens.”

However, the medium seemed to suggest he needed some preparation time first, writing: “I plan to do the reading on Monday when my next event this Sunday is finished, then I can put 100 percent into the reading.”

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Mr Andreas criticised the medium, saying he was giving psychics “a bad name.”

He said he “felt sick” when he saw the post, which he described as “wrong”.

He added: “The poor woman is missing and he’s using the opportunity to you know, look at me. I just tried to put myself in that situation, if I had a sister who went missing, she’s got two kids too you cannot do stuff like that. That’s beyond what I think anybody could do. It’s one thing to say something but it’s another thing using something like that, people are sick and worried.”

Having himself practicsed psychic healing for 28 years, he said he had a clear understanding of the ethics of his own actions. He said Mr Hooper’s post had left him “disgusted.”

Responding to Mr Andreas’ allegations, Mr Hooper supplied several positive reviews from past clients who described his work as “spot on”.

He told LancsLive: “I have been a psychic medium for four years now, and I have done hundreds of readings for people worldwide by reading from their head and shoulder photo images sent to me. My reading success rate is 100% from all readings.

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“I have a selection of my reviews from people worldwide that I did readings for to show that I am genuine and credible in my work. I have had many many people contact me to ask if I can help with getting any messages from Nicola’s Photo image that can help the police and the family. I will be sending the messages I picked up from Nicola’s Photo image to the local police Superintendent as this is the right way and to be respectful to the family.”

The medium also insisted the post was not “seeking attention or publicity” or to “gain followers”, adding that his critics had “pure jealousy of my success.”

Explaining his talents, Mr Hooper added: “I would like to make it clear what a psychic photo reading means. A photo image of a person can speak a thousand words. When I do my readings from a photo image of a person this is called Psychometry.

“Psychometry is a psychic ability in which I can sense or read by looking into the person’s eyes in the photo image. I have done hundreds of photo image readings for people worldwide with amazing results.”


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